Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's been a long time since I....

It's been a long time since I shared layouts! I used to make hundreds of layouts a year. This year I took a step back. Last Fall, I stepped down from all of my creative teams so I could take a break and focus on what was most important to me. I started scrapping more slowly, instead of cranking out pages like a scrapfactory. The length of time I took to do a page went easily from 1 hour to 2. I wanted to relax, and enjoy my hobby after FIVE straight years of creative team work. I've enjoyed it thoroughly! Well, in the past three months I've started scrapping again regularly, and I realized I'm disjointed. I scrap with goodies from Sweet Shoppe Designs, and I post those pages there. I scrap with my own designs from Gotta Pixel, and I post those pages there. I miss the days when I had one central gallery (like at DST or MSA) I don't know what my long-term solution for this is, but what I do know is I have this blog and it's about time I shared what I've been up to! Here they are, in no particular order, the last dozen  layouts I've done...and I'd love to share them in one place, regardless of where the supplies were bought! :)

So, I hope you enjoyed! If you *are* wanting to see the credit for these layouts, you can view my Gotta Pixel gallery here and my Sweet Shoppe Designs gallery here.  It has been a delight to be able to create again. It was definitely the part missing from my life...I'm coming up on my 6 year digiscrappingversary and I can't imagine life [permanently] without it! :) Till next time, friends, toodles!

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