Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo Bash 2011

Every year, my sister and I get our kids together and throw them a Halloween party in lieu of trick-or-treating. Trick or Treating depends on the elements. It can be dangerous. It is exhausting when you have small children (and for my sister Tabatha, one nursing and one in a wheelchair)...it's just not always feasible to trick or treat. We're not opposed to Halloween or anything, but we determined 3 years ago that a well-planned party and a pinata filled with candy will be just as fun for the kids and more enjoyable for mom and dad, too! Here are the highlights of this year's Boo Bash!Photobucket

  • Naomi and Parker (Naomi's costume is a ghost but looks like Mickey Mouse in that photo! She also had a mouthful of candy in that photo :) 
  • Our Candy Corn veggie tray which everyone neglected.
  • Juice Box Mummies :)
  • A very shy "owboy"...my nephew Julian.
  • Candy Corn pudding in a trifle bowl.
  • Franken-marshmallow-pops. These turned out great and were a bit like Cake Pops: The Rematch (this time Lena wins!)


  • Naomi hitting the pinata, and NOT like a girl I might add!
  • My nephew tristan taking out all of his 7 year old agression on the poor ghost.
  • Parker ain't afraida no ghost.
  • Eventually my brother in law Tim had to dump the candy out for the kidlets because one of the kids hit it so hard that the plastic zip tie holding the ghost onto the tree broke, but the pinata itself wasn't ready to give way yet. 


  • Our boo crew
  • Ghostly brownies
  • Miss Sophie AKA the mermaid who refused to smile. (she smiled PLENTY once out of costume)
  • Parker chasing down a ghost!


  • Like vultures descending on their prey.
  • The ghost chasing the ghostbuster. Something's wrong with this picture. 
  • More ghastly treats :) 
  • Gabriel as Spiderman and Gwendolyn taking a nap in the sun. This is funny on SO many levels. We have photos of Gabriel sleeping at every family function EVER. We always say it's not a holiday unless Gabriel is asleep. Since he has special needs and can't be forced into a sleeping schedule, he sleeps when he wants to :) Since Gabriel mostly crawls everywhere, when all of our guests came in on foot and Tim sat Gabriel down and Gabriel started crawling all over, Gwen (who is REALLY laidback) arched her back and backed up. Tabatha and I were laughing so hard at the cat being afraid of the "giant baby" (He's not as big as every 8 year old, but he is pretty big). So, she obviously decided that Gabriel wasn't a giant baby trying to eat her, and decided to indulge in a nap with him.
  • Monster eyeballs. Probably the grossest thing we made, and the least eaten. Which is sad, because Mr. G worked hard on them. 


  • The coolest cowboy.
  • Monster pudding cups. Well, the best I could do. It is HARDER THAN IT LOOKS to draw on a cold plastic cup with a Sharpie.
  • This was supposed to look like a ghost. The individual balloons were filled with candy and they took turns popping the balloons. It was a lot of fun!
  • Our treat table.

Here's a quick 13 second video of one the balloons:


  • Witch hats, filled with ice cream!
  • Mummy Hershey bars
  • My nephew Bumblebee (Sometimes we call him Tristan)
  • I love her ghastly expression here. 
  • The pinata before it was sorry it ever met these children. 
It was another great Boo Bash...Thanks so much for sharing our photos with us! What do you think? Till next year, friends! :) 


  1. u rock lena - that's all ...(and totally love the story about gabriel sleeping at every holiday)

  2. oh my gosh that looks like a blast! well done girls!