Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Confession.

Welcome to my new & improved blog! It is 32% bloggier than before, I can assure you this. So I have a confession to make.

Confession #1. On June 26th, James & I got engaged. And by June 27th I had new email addresses and this blog secured to be mine for the having. I told our engagement story on the old blog and then stopped using it because I knew this one would be in my near future! My sister Tabatha said that she reads notes on PostSecret all the time where girls secure email addresses with last names of guys they aren't even engaged to yet, so I guess this isn't much of a confession.

Confession #2. I 'cheated' and copied the style sheet from my old blog over to this one to avoid having to redo all the HTML.

Confession #3. I've been sneaking bites of my wedding cake straight from the box for 2 days now.