Friday, November 11, 2011



In honor of today's special date, I wanted to do a page. I decided to go the route of 11 things to accomplish before 12/12/12. My supplies list:

Template is Nettio Designs' No. 8
Kit Is Bella Gypsy's' If Not Now, When? (avail tomorrow @ GottaPixel)
Zoe Pearn Color Your Own Pencil Alpha
Dani Mogstad Felty Numbers
Susan Bartolini String Flowers
Shawna Clingerman Sparkleousnessmess
Dani Mogstad Imperfect Circles
Traci Reed Bad Sewing Machine
Traci Reed Bad Sewing Machine Brackets
Lauren Grier Let's Make Resolutions
Julie Billingsley Storybook Princess
Lauren Grier & Julie Billingsley What's For Dinner
Lauren Grier Day Trippin
Lauren Grier & Manda Bean Cinemania
Julie Billingsley Santa's Bake Shop
Melissa Bennett Safari
Kristin Cronin-Barrow Oh Snap
Lauren Reid Blocked Out
Fonts are CK Jot, Little Days, 2 Peas Architect and Amelie

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