Friday, October 7, 2011

I nailed it! ;)


It's a good day for a bad pun! Because it's FRIDAY!

So I joined Pinterest around January of this year (it keeps weird shows I have pins from 37 weeks ago so I'm guesstimating here). Anyway...I remember spending Winter days at work pinning things during my downtime while I worked at HP. One of the trends I stumbled upon is interesting nails.

I didn't do anything with it, though, because I have sad, sad nails. Short and brittle...ALWAYS have been. No amount of vitamins make a difference. It's all good though, because I have pretty hair ;) and you can't have it all.

A few months later in April I posted a funky rainbow pattern I did on my nails one day when I was bored. Still I figured that was the coolest I could do. Until I found THIS POST. Seriously, isn't she brilliant?

I knew immediately I wanted to try it! But not just with anything. With my own products! Now I've been designing for almost 6 years with my sister Tabatha as Bella Gypsy Designs and...not to brag or anything...but papers are our forte. I printed out some Bella Gypsy papers and got ready to try my hand at it. Surprisingly enough, it worked with no trouble!

It totally blows my mind that I can open up Photoshop and design any little thing my heart desires and then apply it to my nails...very little cost and very little skill involved :P

Now, I can't share the kit yet *teehee* because it's not being released until next Friday...but it's called Autumn Pop and it's cuuute! I can tell you though, that I did Naomi's nails with papers from our kit Adorabibble.


No picture of Naomi's nails because in the 4 hours between me doing her nails and getting the camera out to photograph them, she had chipped and chewed on them. Bless her heart, she's such a girly girl and loves to get her nails done but she demolishes them quickly!

Here are my nails courtesy of Autumn Pop!


I used a fun plaid paper for my thumbs, and alternated stripes and flowers for my other nails...and of course covered with a glittery top coat! It turned out SO cute and I've already gotten a ton of compliments! I can totally see myself changing this out often...

For now though...I'm gonna stick with this!


  1. That is so cool and fun! I'm definitely going to try that - I have to get me some glittery top coat!

  2. Very cute! Did you use a laser or ink jet printer? If you used an inkjet, what kind of paper did you use? My daughter tried this but it didn't work using our inkjet.

  3. Hi Lena!! Nice to see you over at the Hybrid Chick - LOVE the papers you chose for your nails! :)

  4. Wow, your nails turned out amazing! I saw this same thing and tried it tonight with both the original scrapbook paper AND a scanned/shrunk/printed paper using INKjet. It didn't work. :( Did you use inkjet? Did you soak the nail or the paper in alcohol?