Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 7 {recycling}


When the wedding was all said and done, we realized that we had a LOT of stuff that was going to be of little use to us. We gave away some of it, saved other parts for future entertaining, and are trying to repurpose what is left. We bought this 5 gallon galvanized bucket to fill with ice (it had little sliced lemons around the top to pretty it up, an idea I borrowed). Today we used a wedding gift card to pick up a new plant and some potting soil. We added the new plant to two old plants and created a planter together. It took 4 of us...Parker & Naomi each carrying a plant, and Mr. G being stuck carrying the 40 lbs of potting soil...but it was a fun project and I like the end results. It was by no means a green wedding, but recycling is fun!