Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 10 {time to play!}


I guess since today was Labor Day, it would make sense for us to kick back and relax. But, both Mr. G and I had to do some work from home today. The kids were very patient while we were both busy, but by late afternoon they were bouncing off the walls. We had to stop what we were doing and just play with them to keep them from pestering each other out of boredom!


So with 10 days done now, I really need to start considering what I'm going to do with all of these photos. The last time I did P365, I did weekly layouts with 7 photos on them. I used the same template for every layout. I got 14 weeks in before I gave up. My template/layout was complicated and took too much time! I'm looking to do more of just a storyboard with journaling, or something a bit scrappy but in maybe a QP format. I know W&W had one but I took a look at it and I'm not sure it's right for me. The one major thing I have an issue with is that I'm not taking all of my photos horizontally...I have a mix. I'd love to see what you do with your P365 layouts or link me to examples! Thanks!!

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  1. Lena, here is a link to mine...and they all took me forever but I LOVE the 2 page spread because I can add a few extra photos for the week...and if you are looking for simple, I really like Janet's templates~
    can't wait to see your new LO's!