Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 16 {transfer & backup}


So recently it was time for a new laptop...don't worry, you'll meet her soon. I found a laptop I loved at Best Buy but today was the day to try and break her in. Translation=beg my brother in law Tim to install 483 programs on there, remove the factory crap and transfer my files. We spent the day at Tim & Tabatha's letting him tinker with the new machine. He got my programs installed but we just didn't have time to transfer 500 MBs of stuff. I'm a lucky girl though, because Mr. G went to Best Buy and came home with a new Western Digital EHD for me to work on the transfer myself. It will give me another backup spot too, so I'm pleased with that. When I get the files transferred and backed up I can put the EHD in our new water/fireproof safe we got at the shower yesterday! :)

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