Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Stabbyday!

Photo courtesy of The Bloggess, of course. 

I felt stabby today.


Like in a "Who wants some next?" sort of way.

Turns out, it was a full moon.

This makes a lot of sense. It's not a bunch of hoopla. My kids turn into raging lunatics at full moon time. They are THE sweetest, most loving and precocious children but they literally become posessed with spawn of fullmoonmonster or something.

And the doctor's office. 


Unfortunately this is a real screenshot of my phone from this afternoon. Nothing out of the ordinary...a few calls to my sister and my husband, a call to the gym to find out what time Spinning class was.

Not that it mattered. Because I had to miss it. Because That call I made this morning to University of Kentucky Polk Dalton Clinic? When they told me, "We can't get you seen today, call the Twilight clinic at 3." This is their policy. "Twilight" means after hours to them and there's a dedicated clinic for it.

So, I had to call at 3. Look how many times I had to try. LOOK! SEVENTY! I got a busy signal sixty nine times before it finally rang. Now tell me I didn't want to throw my m-f phone out the window. I started calling at 3 and you see I finally got through at 3:44. Every time the busy signal came through my blood pressure raised a point.

Why am I stabby?

That's just a few reasons I was stabby. There are more. I'll stop now because I think those alone are enough to make a person stabby.

I took Parker into the clinic. He got diagnosed-ish. Scarlett fever with no longer accompanying strep throat (cured itself the Dr. said). Erupting eczema. (I TOLD THEM he had strep a month ago, I saw the scarlett fever rash then and they refused to see him, telling me to give him benadryl. They are IDIOTS!) He got sent home with a few creams. Hopefully they'll make my little man feel better. The kids were so ridiculously ill-behaved in the clinic that I just wanted to leave them there :P I think they touched EVERY surface, and licked most of them, too. So now they'll be even sicker. Yay.

I'm going to go to sleep now, and hope that I have stabby dreams that help me wake up refreshed and ready to have a not-too-stabby day tomorrow.

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