Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 365 + 1

So it's a leap year...which means Project 365 becomes Project 366. I am working on it this year with renewed fervor. I feel good about finishing this project. After all, I *did* complete December Daily in 2011. And if I can do that, I can take a measley photo a day, right? Right.

Here are this year's photos, so far :)

1.1.12 | 1 of 365 | A Spoonful of Sugar | I would like to start my album cheerfully, but this project should be truthful, and this was how I began my year. A bag of medication from Walgreen's after a pre-dawn ER visit. I did, however, pick up a bag of Christmas-clearance Cadbury egg candies. Y'know, a spoonful of sugar and all.

2 of 365 | 1.2.12 | 37 Never Looked So Good | We have a birthday boy in the house today! I got him to take a break from the book he was reading this afternoon just long enough to smile for a photo.

 3 of 365 | 1.3.12 | RIP Kennedy | Yes, my Kindle's name is Kennedy. She died and I spent a good portion of my day on the phone with Amazon customer service, weighing my options and researching, and ultimately picking out a new Kindle Touch at no cost to me, which will arrive Thursday.

4 of 365 | 1.4.12 | Good Choices | It's time for me to be less of a fatty so I joined Weight Watchers. I've had some success in the past doing their online version, but this is my first time going to meetings. I went to a meeting today. It was fun :)

5 of 365 | 1.5.12 | Meet Kendall | The UPS man brought my new baby today. I always name my belongings mnemonically. Since I named my last Kindle Kennedy, I needed a new name for this one. Meet Kendall. (By default, the screen said "Jolena's 2nd Kindle". I was SO not letting that fly.)

6 of 365 | 1.6.12 | Hard At Play | Naomi was saving our living room, one villain at a time, this afternoon. As Spidergirl. With her Nerf gun.

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