Thursday, January 27, 2011

Purple Is The New White

It's unusual for me to be posting two days in a row about home craft type stuff...but here I am again! Winter always gives me the blahs and for some odd reason, my solution is always to paint something.

Regardless of why my brain works this way, the good thing is it always works! I am instantly cheered by a fresh wall.

I don't have any before pictures, but it looked pretty much like this without the photo project and the white walls :) I loved the black and white theme I had going in there, but the walls needed something! I painted a few coats of Kilz Poets Purple on the walls (This color makes Mr. G happy since he's an English professor and quite the poet himself). He forgives me the purple part ;)

First thing's first...I know the purple looks different in some of the different photos. These are SOOC and I didn't edit them...some were take with the flash and some without so that's why...Sorry, but I'm not a photography expert so you get what you get! :D

The photo project was simple and cost only a couple of bucks...I had the yarn and clothespins sitting around...I spent $2 to print the prints and $1 for some white acrylic paint. I doodled designs on the dried painted clothespins using a fine Sharpie.

I used leftover chalkboard paint for the other project. I recycled a frame (pitched the glass and just hung the naked frame on the wall over the painted rectangle :)

I had to giggle that even our mouthwash matched--a total fluke I assure you ;)

And yes, I use lamps in my bathroom...I find overhead lights a bit offensive LOL.

The sconces were also recycled from my hallway, and everything else was already in there! (shower curtain, rugs, hamper, towels, jars, etc).


So there you have it...our tiny little apartment, white and purple all over...kind of just like before, but better! ;)


  1. I love the containers you used...they are really cute (the ones for the coton balls and q-tips) and the picture hanging is just adorable!! Seriously just so cute.