Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52, Week 1

First of all, a little about *my* Project 52.

I've attempted P365 a few times. I like it, but I'm smart enough to know that right now, I cannot commit to taking a photo every day.

I wanted to do a P52 this year instead, one page a week that epitomizes my week.

Well, I'm not sure it's possible for me to sum up my week in just one photo.

Instead, what I want to do is be sure that I capture one photo of Naomi and one photo of Parker every week. They change so frequently when they are little! And on one page per week, I want to capture those photos of my two littles as well as writing a little blurb about what our week was like.

I saved out an additional spot on the page...some weeks that spot will have a picture of Nathan (when he is here with us, for a visit or during the summers). Some weeks the spot will be a pic of Mr. G & we are a part of this family too! :) Sometimes it will be a quote or a doodle I like, or just a pretty paper! I want to use this opportunity to express myself a little, and play with different fonts, and expand my photography horizons, too. A project 52 for me. With my rules. My plans. My chance to play around and have fun and capture all the smiles I can. :)

With that, I give you our first week!



  1. Tracy (aka Tracy fish)January 11, 2011 at 6:34 PM

    Love your "rules"! I can't wait to see all your weeks :)